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Liz Holzemer - Author, writer, survivor, founder of Meningioma Mommas
LizHolzemer.com LizHolzemer.com

About Liz Holzemer

Exciting News!

Curveball is now available as an ebook on Kindle and the Nook! This is another way to donate even more funding to meningioma research while reaching those of you all around the globe.



Liz Holzemer is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics including health, women's issues, personality profiles, travel, canines, baseball and most ideas that occur during one of her shower epiphanies. Her experiences as a baseball-size brain tumor and golf ball-size breast tumor survivor inspire her work and ever increasing quirky sense of humor. She is also a published author, humorist and speaker.

She is a contributing author to the medical book, Meningiomas: A Comprehensive Text, providing the long neglected patient perspective.


Liz was raised in the O.C. long before it became a show misrepresenting life there. After completing her English degree at UC Irvine, where she spent most of her time enjoying Pacific sunsets and Coronas at Newport (Zooport) Beach, she packed up her rusty, maroon Honda Accord and made the 20-hour Thelma & Louise drive (without Thelma!) to Boulder, Colorado. There, she earned her Master’s in journalism and spent the next 10 years living out of mismatched suitcases in Canada, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela and a few random states as a minor and major league ballplayer’s wife. Today, she lives with her husband and their two miracle children in a master planned community much like the one she fled.

She is also the founder of Meningioma Mommas, www.meningiomamommas.org, a 24/7 online non-profit support group she created after surviving a meningioma brain tumor. Her organization has raised $277,952 to date for meningioma-specific research.

Liz has had numerous appearances in the media including Discovery Health Channel, the TODAY Show, Denver's ABC, CBS and NBC, USA Today, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, 5280, the Denver PostRocky Mountain News, and numerous small town rags. She is the 2006 Tim Gullikson Spirit Award recepient, the 2004 Woman’s Day “Woman Who Inspire Us” award winner, as well as a Denver NBC 9Who Care and ABC 7EveryDay Hero honoree.

American Society of Journalists and AuthorsShe is also a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors as well as the Denver Woman's Press Club and Colorado Authors' League.

Liz's first book, Curveball: When Life Throws You A Brain Tumor received the Colorado Authors' League 2008 "Harvey" Award for Book Length Nonfiction: Service and Informational.


Liz donates the proceeds to meningioma specific research. 

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