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Liz Holzemer - Author, writer, survivor, founder of Meningioma Mommas
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"Liz Holzemer speaks passionately and with experience regarding meningiomas and the effects of the diagnosis on the life of not only the patient but that of their family. Her knowledge of the disease and her ability to articulate both the physical and emotional impact of the disease make her a dynamic speaker."--Dr. Peter McLaren Black, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston; the Franc D. Ingraham Professor of Neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School; the Chief Neurosurgical Oncology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief at Children's Hospital, Boston.

"Liz Holzemer has given presentations at three consecutive annual meetings  of the Brain Tumor Foundation. These meetings--Brain Tumor Awareness Day-- usually draw an audience of 300-400 people. Liz, herself, is a brain tumor survivor. She is a natural, engaging, confident and enthusiastic speaker who is always a "hit" whenever she gives a presentation. Her talks are well presented and full of useful information. I would recommend her as an invited speaker for public events."--Dr. Patrick Kelly, MD FACS; NYU Medical Center & President of the Brain Tumor Foundation


"Liz’s passion for her topic is evident from the moment she starts to speak. Her first hand knowledge of the little details associated with a meningioma diagnosis and treatment connect her immediately to patient, family members and caregivers alike as they recognize themselves in her descriptions of a daily life now changed forever. With her intellect, she also serves as a vital link between scientist and patient, distilling complex information to usable facts for overwhelmed patients. Her charm and wit will draw listeners in--she a woman well worth taking the time to hear!"--Dr. Elizabeth B. Claus, M.D., PhD., Associate Professor, Yale University School of Medicine and Associate Neurosurgeon, Brigham and Women's Hospital


"We were recently privileged to have Liz Holzemer speak at our Brain Tumor Support Group at the Hoag Cancer Center in Newport Beach, California.
Brain tumor survivors could have no greater authentic voice than Liz Holzemer. She tells of her personal battle with a meningioma brain tumor with honesty, warmth and encouragement. Her no-nonsense style motivates listeners to take charge of their medical care and their lives. I highly recommend Liz as a speaker for any person dealing with a life-changing event."--
Kris Okamoto, R.N., CNRN, Neuro Services Nurse, Brain Tumor Support Group Facilitator, Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, CA

"With a perfect balance of wisdom and wit drawn from personal experience, Liz connects to her audience through both mind and heart."--Sarah Gupta, LICSW, Director of Support Services; Brain Tumor Society

"Liz has been involved and engaged with our organization for many years as a support group leader, partner, and conference speaker. We have really enjoyed working with Liz over the years.  Her enthusiasm, determination, hard work and what she has built is a true inspiration to the brain tumor community. 

As a speaker, she shares her experience honestly and with great heart and her story is always an inspiration to others who are just beginning on the brain tumor journey.  She has also written a great book that outlines the difficulty patients and survivors face during and after a brain tumor diagnosis.  She offers insight and wisdom but always with a welcome dose of humor.


She has also been instrumental in building a network of long term survivors through her Meningioma Mommas organization, serving a great need and making a difference to thousands of people each year.  Liz is passionate about the brain tumor cause and has been an excellent resource for patients, families, and health professionals.  


We wholeheartedly support the work she is doing and appreciate her partnership over the years and  recommend her as a great inspirational speaker."--Harriet Patterson, MPH, Director of Patient Services; National Brain Tumor Foundation

"Liz spoke to the Colorado Authors’ League on 'The Holy Grail--Odyssey from Brain Tumor survivor to Book Deal.' She dealt with a potentially dark topic with humor and lightness, making her a delight to listen to."--Cindy Rold, Former President; Colorado Author's League.

"Liz Holzemer, award-winning author of Curveball: When Life Throws You a Brain Tumor, is not only a meningioma survivor, she is a dynamic storyteller and activist! Her dedication to spreading the word about surviving meningioma brain tumors, looking at illness with a positive attitude and using humor to lighten the burden are just a few of her amazing qualities. You will find her story and her work captivating."--Lisa Casper, Program Liason; Douglas County Libraries 

"On November 19, 2009, the Hoag Cancer Center, in Newport Beach,California, had the pleasure of hosting a talk by Liz Holzemer. Liz's talk, "Curveball:When Life Throws You a Brain Tumor",was filled with great wisdom along with a perfect dose of humor. The brain tumor patients and family members who attended gave the talk rave reviews. Liz's style created an environment of warmth and safety which allowed the attendees to not only feel comfortable asking questions but to also share their own stories.  I would highly recommend Liz Holzemer to any group or organization."--Catherine Bailey, LCSW Supervisor; Oncology Support Services

"Liz gave her story honestly and proved that disease does not discriminate! It was a pleasure working with her." --Emilie Wagner, Light The Night Walk Campaign Coordinator; The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

For media appearances and speaking engagements or if you would like Liz to address your next brain tumor support group or business event, kindly contact Lindy Klarenbeek at info@meningiomamommas.org


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